Latest recruitment trends great news for's multi posting partners "Recruitive" have carried out some interesting analysis of the recruitment market from 2014 - 2015

The findings indicate the Apply Direct business model should continue to go from strength to strength in 2016. 


What this means for

With the number of jobs being posted across UK Jobs Boards rising by 22.76% the number of recruitment agency adverts filling up some of the UK's busiest jobs boards will also continue to rise. This in turn reduces the visibility of direct employer adverts and the time job seekers spend viewing these adverts as their attention is taken up by agency job after agency job. 

At we don't post any agency jobs anywhere on the site which means every job is an opportunity for a job seeker to find the right company and role for them, an opportunity to ensure their CV is reaching the hands of the hiring manager and the opportunity to get a simple YES or NO to their application. 

Job applications have seen the biggest rise between 2014 and 2015, an increase of a massive 43.62% in a time when unemployment has dropped and job stability has improved for the majority of people across the UK. Whilst there is a clear link between job adverts and job applications from an employer's perspective we know that quality is more important than quality for our clients. We offer a very different job searching experience to the high volume application process on the majority of the UK's overcrowded job boards where candidates are forced into playing the numbers game knowing a response from a recruitment agency is a lucky dip in itself.

By advertising vacancies solely by Direct UK Employers on we give our job seekers the gift of time and the opportunity to research who and what they are applying for before they hit the send button. This along with the ability to ask pre-screening questions provides our clients with high quality job applications from candidates who have already invested time into their company before a CV has arrived in their inbox. 

Whether you are an employer or a candidate the benefits of are clear. A UK jobs board designed to truly benefit everyone apart from the recruitment consultant, a jobs board to bring Employers and Candidates together. 


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