Apply Direct officially launch!

Apply Direct have offically launched their new jobs board this week with the aim to bring UK employers and candidates together. 

Apply Direct UK, the No-Agency jobs board!


Apply Direct UK announce the launch of their employer-only jobs advertising board, aiming to bring together employers and jobseekers.


Following widespread economic growth and the subsequent recruitment drive across UK industries, was set up to offer Jobseekers and Employers in the UK a transparent method of connecting – by doing exactly what the name suggests, providing an online advertising service for Employers to find proactive Jobseekers quickly and directly. 

Apply Direct have kept it simple by ensuring no ‘agency’ jobs are on the site – Jobseekers no longer have to spend time searching on other popular job sites for direct-only vacancies. Employers find willing jobseekers quickly and both parties benefit from avoiding agency ‘gloss’.

We are in a world of techno function bringing ease and speed to human life and is no exception. The site has an optional filtering system, the prospective candidate answers Employer set questions, and should they answer satisfactorily, their CV can then be viewed by the Employer immediately.

Employers that currently use other popular job advertising sites often suffer from the mass of agency positions swallowing up their adverts. addresses this issue and gives the Employer full control of their advertising budgets. By removing the middle-man-recruiter from the process, Employers benefit from decreased expenditure, hassle and reliance on third parties.

From a Jobseekers perspective they know that every vacancy on is real, up-to-date and is a clear opportunity to further their career. Apply Direct frees a Jobseekers time and provides clarity on a career move, allowing focus to be spent on understanding exactly who they are applying to and determine if the organisation is right for them… their destiny truly in their hands.



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